Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He is Making a List...

My kids finally get it... or at least Jack does (and he is keeping his sister in check).
My kids were with a babysitter all day today. Cruel- I know- but I had a ton of things to get done and I wasn't ready to cart my kids around town to get them all done. One of the list items may or may not have been my weekly trip to see my hair guru...
When I got home the house was in shambles. I took the babysitter home and coached my children about what needed to be done as soon as we got home... i.e.- clean up your stuff or it goes in the garbage.
While I got laundry gathered and potatoes on the stove for Christmas Eve dinner. MY CHILDREN cleaned the entire game room. I am not joking! We have had a similar occurrence once before when a playdate went aye. A friend came over to drop off a gift and she was surprised that Jack was vacuuming (she asked if the housekeeper was here- no- or if Steve was home- no) she couldn't believe that Jack was doing the work on his own... (neither could I honestly).
Then I realized... in about 29 hours, THE "Big Guy" will be coming to pay them a visit depending on whether they have been bad or good. Jack has big hopes and dreams of a stellar Christmas morning complete with a brand new Wii gaming system! I wasn't far off the mark because when the kids came into the kitchen for a post-picking up break, Jack informed Abby that "he's making his list. He's checking it twice..." Knocking her down a few pegs and restoring peace and order in the house once more. I love Christmas!

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