Monday, January 31, 2011

The Most Magical Place on Earth...

Freezing! A first tooth... lost down the drain! Daddy to the rescue!
Super Dad building sandcastles!
A WHOLE can of WHIPPED CREAM! Notice the triple chin action on Mom!
New friends!
TV Dinner.
A New Favorite Ride.
Old Favorites.
First Class all the way! Thanks Dad!
After 9 fun, sometimes whiny, other times wet, and a lot of the time cold days is in Orlando we are back. We had a fabulous time after the kids adjusted to the 3 hour time change, we bought a stroller, and allowed them to eat the "Kitchen Sink" and room service. It was nice to travel just the 4 of us, and in some ways was more relaxing than any Disney trip we have been on before- hard to imagine Disney relaxing!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Daddy surprised all of us with a trip to the "Most Magical Place on Earth", vacation starts this week. I the meantime I am working like a crazy person to clean the house before we go, staying on top of one child to get his homework done before we leave (I love his teacher), and preparing for a Junior League committee meeting.
Am I the only person on the planet that finds it necessary to leave her house clean from top to bottom, including clean sheets on all the beds and no laundry in the hampers? Or am I making myself crazier than necessary?
Not to mention obsessing about the weather once we get there...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm baaaaaackkkk!!!

October 2010
I have been a woman on a mission all week to get myself caught up the "busy season" at work, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas has left my life and house in shambles. While cleaning my house this week I realized that I don't remember the last time that I cleaned my tile floors. I did remember the last time that I thought about doing it and I am embarrassed to say that was a week before Thanksgiving, right before my sister's baby shower at my house (I also remember thinking that I rather do it after the party not before because it was raining). Does this week count as "after the party"? I think so! My neglected floors are thanking me, my shower no longer has that nasty black mold growing in it that I can only see when I have my contacts in, my refrigerator looks brand new.At work, my office is cleaned, files are updated, emails have been returned, calls have been made. This weekend I have some closets to clean and organize, Christmas boxes to put in the attic, and then one to Junior League projects. That may take all weekend. The good news is by Tuesday I am going to be me again! Now if I could just clear my schedule for a couple days of scrapbooking and watching Gone with the Wind and Ugly Betty Season 2 my life will be complete!