Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello Kitty...

There are certain stores that I would rather go to by myself, the party store being one of them. This past Saturday night with Steve watching the brutality that is called UFC at friends' house, I loaded up the kids and made a trip to the party store.
Jack the true party planner was hoping that his sister would select a more gender neutral theme for her party (ie.- Star Wars or Bakugan) because what boy wants a goodie bag filled with princess or Barbie crap (my word not his). After being informed that myself and I didn't care what he wanted and if he didn't like it he could sit in his room during his sister's party. Abby being the kind and thoughtful sister that she is offered to have a Cars party to make her brother happy. She quickly abandoned that thought when she entered the pink aisle at Party City and selected Hello Kitty as her theme. Jack tried to remind her that all the boys at her party would hate Hello Kitty, which I quickly set him straight telling him that "the only boys at her party are actually are only the cousins, Patrick, Keith, and Blake and I am pretty sure none of them will care being that the oldest is almost 5 and they don't have to come if Hello Kitty bothers them but I think that their moms will make them come anyway. Plus! Does Abby complain about going to your 'boy' parties? "
Do you understand now why I like to go to the Party Store by myself?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


That is for our Iowa Peeps! The trip to the Fresno State Market was not a total bust.
Keith was not crazy about it, but that is ok.

Just the Girls...

Yesterday Jack convinced his dad that he needed to go to the office with him. So it was just mom and Abby at home! The morning was unremarkably ordinary, gym, showers, and off to the office to do the weekly check deposit.
The afternoon however was joyous and painful. Abby had a hair appointment which we were really early for so I decided to take her to a store that she would now appreciate- COACH! Yes, I am dumber then I look. Let's put it this way, Abby walked out of the store with more then I have ever walked out of the Coach store with- a bag and perfume samples! The sales ladies went nuts over her and kindly gave her a shopping bag and 2 perfume samples. She was in heaven!

She held her bag all through her haircut! Enough to bring tears to her mother and Aunt Lindsay's eyes.

After an afternoon of pampering and attention for Abby, we headed off to the Fresno State Market to pick up some sweet corn for dinner. I was happy to find cheese curds, pesto sausage, and fresh tomatoes to round out our farmer's market dinner. On our way out to the car I slipped off the curb and landed on the asphalt and my car. HOW EMBARRASSING! Abby stood there looking at me like I was a crazy person not sure what to do. I quickly shook it off and tried to act like it didn't hurt like... well you know.

So much for a great end to a wonderful Mother-Daughter Day. Abby was thoughtful enough to ask me twice if I was ok. I think she may have been worried about my mental state and driving home.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The "Real" Housewives...

OF FRESNO??? This afternoon I took the kids and their friend to the movies at the mall. I was shocked and dismayed at an advertisement that was posted in the entrance to the movie theater. Could it be true? Could they be filming a "Real Housewives" here in Fresno??? I truly consider myself a fan of the "Real Housewives" series, I can't get enough of the reality drama.
Recently my friend Sara and I joked that we needed our own reality show about the stupid stuff our husbands put us through with racing. I am not kidding- it will be a HIT!
After the movie I went to further investigate the notion that Fresno is worthy of anything but being the butt of Hollywood jokes. Sure enough I found that the Open Casting Call was for women who had "less then perfect lives". Oh brother! Here we go! I can see it now real housewives with mom jeans, minivans, shopping at deserted malls, with fake nails, and too much skin showing. Sounds like a horror story to me!
I came home and found nothing on the radio station's website to indicate that such an event is going to occur. So once again... there can be a collective laugh about how gullible Fresno is, BUT at least we are romantic.

I Heart the USA...

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I love the heat, the pool, the fireworks, being with friends, and of course great eats. I was thinking about how lucky we are to live in a country that is not constantly in turmoil, where for the most part we all just get along. Then I went back to party planning mode and got a good laugh at our Fourth of July menu.
Teriyaki Chicken
Guacamole and chips
Hummus and pita chips
Strawberries with Fruit Dip
Insalata Caprese
Chinese Chicken Salad
Pasta Salad
Central Valley Fruit Salad
Hot dogs
Mexican and American Beer
Ice Cream
In no other place in the world would you find all these flavors mixed together to create a celebration of a nation's independence.