Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Total Dorkfest...

Is that a theme? Seems to be the one Jack chose for his 7th birthday party. What do you do at dorkfest?
  1. Talk about bad words that "other kids" use at school. Words like the "the d-word" or the "h-word". Also known as "darn" and "hate", there was talk of the "s-word" but it remains a mystery.
  2. Burp the alphabet. Burp until you nearly throw up. A burp always gets a laugh at a Dorkfest.
  3. Eat speciality pizza. No I don't mean gourmet or even a fancy combination. I mean speciality pizza because after years of close study, Jack and Carson both like the exact same pizza... cheese pizza with black olives and NO sauce (how did we get to this point?). Sauce is a deal breaker... I know because dad had to go back and get a new pizza for the boys.
  4. You have a table full of candy, treats, popcorn, and soda ready for an intense game of Wii NASCAR Go Carts followed by a riveting movie about puppies in outer space (aka-Space Buddies). There was so much junk food you don't even eat the cupcakes, ice cream, and whipped cream or sing "Happy Birthday".
  5. You sleep with your Bakugan and your Build-A-Bear Big Bird and Surfer Frog.
  6. In the morning you wake up before you do to attend school in order to get as much Wii, Bakugan, and donut eating in as possible before your friend needs to go home.
  7. You wish that your friend had brought his t-shirt that matches the one that he gave you for your birthday. Just like Sadie's.
Steve assures me that while I may think that this is the dorkiest party to date, that it is the most fun two 7-year old boys could have in one slumber party. Happy 7th year of parenthood to me!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 3 of the 10 Day Forecast...

Three days ago I checked Yahoo! Weather. Much to my delight the next 10 days were predicted to be nothing but sunny skies and beautiful springlike weather. I love spring!
Today is day 3 of the 10 day forecast. This is how we spent the day: Swimming for Abby (wishing someone would swim with her)... Reading next to the pool for me (working on my Vegas tan)...
Building the latest Soapbox Derby car for Steve (starving to death on his latest diet to the next LeMons Race)...
Getting stung by a bee in the face while riding his quad for Jack (and finishing his school work from this week)...
Even with a little bee sting it is still a gorgeous day. Hope you are having one wherever you are.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Times...

The Spring Break Playdate is over and was a ringing success. The kids dyed Easter Eggs, made the classic berry basket Easter basket, and planted seeds that may or may not become flowers one day. After a picnic lunch we had yummy cupcakes and played in the yard. Everyone enjoyed the weather, especially Keith who thought that it was warm enough to swim in a mud puddle in the orchard.

That boy! He is such a Keith!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Curse of Sandy Fox...

My mom had the same mustard colored washer and dryer for YEARS!!! For as long as I lived in her house in Clovis (13 years). Since the dreadful demise of the mustard washer and dryer I think she has gone through a minimum of 3 brand new sets of her favorite appliance in the last 12 years. Not a very good average, but it is very common according to my appliance man's wife. It is true what they say, things just aren't made like they use.
In January, my trusty 4 year old washing machine decided to break an unbreakable (and nearly irreplaceable part). A trip to the laundromat, 2 appliance guys, and $200 later she worked as good as new until this past Sunday. Sunday I planned to do laundry and enjoy a sunny day by the pool. I was only able to accomplish one of my goals, washing machine would not even light up. Not a good sign.
So after a long conversation with the appliance man's wife she recommended that we purchase a new one. After further research come to find out that my trusty friend, Calypso was not so trusty and nicknamed "Collapso" in the appliance industry. Lucky me!
So yesterday we purchased my new best friend, Cabrio. She is scheduled to arrive any minute now. Which will be none too soon considering- Where do you hide 1 week's worth of laundry from 30 people who are scheduled to arrive at my house tomorrow for a Spring Break Playdate?
Any ideas?

Good-bye old friend!

Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out! I have laundry to do!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hold your breath...

This blog could go one of two ways... I could tell you the not so charming story about my 7 year old who for the first time in his life (and in mine as a mother) farted and enjoyed the pleasantness of his own stink the other day. OR I could tell you about how I am looking forward to and dreading Spring Break next week. I will spare you the gory details of the first story. I wish I were spending our Spring Break here. Even the prospect of that seems overwhelmingly crowded and not very relaxing. Instead we will be spending it here- Family Fun. And here Make and Takes. Here is why I am sensing terror and relief for a week long holiday from school: 1. No school means no alarm clock. Which again could go two ways- kids sleep in or kids don't sleep in. Need I explain more? 2. Yahoo Weather is reporting rain in the Central Valley, not one day, not two days, BUT for THREE days in a row next week. I was hoping that we would be blessed with sunny swimming weather with Spring Break so late. We are not that lucky. 3. Budget! Budget! Budget! Mama's on a budget (much to her dismay). So do you choose new shoes for the kids or two hours at the movie theater one afternoon? I already made the choice to cloth and accessorize my children rather then go to the movie. Sacrifice- no movie. 4. Playdates! I am not usually one for having friends come over and play, mostly because I hate picking up the mess afterwards. This Spring Break I am attempting to be a good mom and I have invited 13 of my friends and their children over on the supposedly non rainy day for a spring themed picnic and crafts. Budget tells me everyone needs to bring their own lunch. 5. No driving! Or should I say less driving, other than 4 days of karate (make ups for days that we missed recently) and 1 swimming lesson! I love the prospect of not having to drive all over town, especially with both kids in the car. I just got the email saying "NO swim practice next week!!!" SCORE 1 for Rachel! 6. Reading anyone? I am looking forward to doing some heavy reading and getting Jack to do some reading also. My little mathlete needs to work on his reading skills before the end of the school year. If he cooperates we will work on subtraction, money, and time! Lucky Jack! The list seems selfish. While today I am looking forward to most of these things by Wednesday I will be pulling my hair out! I guess I need to jump in feet first and remember to hold my breath (and to take a breath every so often). But part of me wishes I could go back to Spring Break 1997 and have all of that carefree fun all over again!
Any bright ideas about what to do with two children on a tight budget on a rainy day?