Thursday, October 7, 2010

Please Pause for a Note from my SPONSOR!!!

Are you looking for fantastic spirit wear for your little girl? Need an adorable birthday shirt for your little princess? Do you know a mom that would like a super cute name necklace?
Go no further than...
2 Sweet Designs is owned my good friends, Melissa and Brian.
She made this for Abby...And this for the Abby's class basket for the Reagan Carnival...I forgot to take a picture before I put it in this...
Isn't it cute? I think so! I am in love with the ribbon!In case you were wondering...
Brian is standing by to take your order!
Tell him Rachel sent you!

Air Quotes...

The other night at dinner the conversation between the kids and I revolved around what happened at school that day...
Jack- Abby, what do you drink at lunch? White milk or Chocolate?
Abby- Jack, I drink chocolate milk.
Mom- What do you drink at lunch?
Jack- Water. I am not not what you would call a {insert air quote} milk fan.
Mom- Milk fan? okay, but what is this {insert air quote}.
Jack- Air quotes Mom. Duh!
Seriously, third grade... is this one the long list of things that I can attribute to my kid learned from watching 1 too many episodes of iCarly or Hannah Montana? Air quotes and his love of spaghetti tacos.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This week...

I am so glad it is the weekend again! It took long enough to get here. This week pretty much ran me over like a freight train. It went like this- Monday- work, work in Abby's classroom, dance class, pick up Jack, do homework, Cub Scouts, TV, bed. Tuesday- work, ..... I can't even remember the rest of Tuesday... I know it ended with dinner out because I couldn't do one more thing, TV, and bed. AND IT WAS HOT (the temperature, not in bed, get your mind out of the gutter)! Wednesday- (this is when it gets good)- work (it is getting really busy with October 1st only 2 days away), lots of phone calls with old men that have no business working let alone operating a computer and me trying to assist them- annoying, Steve left for an overnight business trip that was not clearly communicated to his wife or children, homework with Papa while I worked SOME MORE, dinner, early to bed for the kids so that I could catch up on hours of DVR'd shows. Thursday- bed, work- dealing with more computer issues, more angry agents, training, paperwork, realize at 2:30 Steve is not going to be home until 9 pm- AGHHHHH!, start daydreaming about my fictional trip to Maui- by myself!, get to the bus stop... no kids, realize it is Thursday- intervention day, run to school to get Abby and wait for Jack, grocery store, home, dinner, work, Surprise! Steve is home early, the guy took the hint that I was passing the buck to him when he got home to find me eating outside with a glass of wine, and the kids inside doing... what? ok! ... I don't know what they were doing, Steve put them to bed, watched TV, bed Friday- Don't even get me started about Friday... I pray that next week is better.