Monday, June 29, 2009


Enough said. I love summer for its long days, socializing, vacationing, no school, lazy mornings, laissez faire calendars, and reading next to the pool. What I don't like about summer are days where you can't even go outside to get the mail without properly outfitting yourself with shoes, sunglasses, and a quick sniff of saline spray. Today would be one of those days. The kids and I will be hiding in our cool house doing puzzles, reading books, and watching "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles". Actually I think it sounds delightful! Talk to me at the end of the week though.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Finish Line...

I came. I read. I conquered. Making a list and setting a date for completion is no problem when it is the household chores. I book list is another story! But I did it!!! I read all the books on my list except for 1! I would tell you all about it EXCEPT I am getting on a plane to go to VEGAS in 2 1/2 hours and I still have to take out the trash and wash some dishes. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Winner, Winner...

Score for Rachel! Last night I had several ladies over to overindulge in one of my favorite at home parties- Tastefully Simple. If you haven't tried it- DO! Let's put it this way, TS will even get Picky JACK to eat broccoli and better yet, wait for it.... REQUEST broccoli! As if having the opportunity to stock up on the "retired and brought back so Rachel would have a party" Cherry Honey Mustard, I got the TS Anniversary call!!!! I won!!! All of this stuff I couldn't be happier. And Steve is excited because he will have $60 worth of Cherry Honey Mustard in the pantry, to create the greatest turkey sandwiches EVER!!! Trust me, run don't walk, find a consultant, it is the best!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Here's to you...

He has jumped out of an airplane.
He has scuba dived in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.
He has driven a racecar (and actually won a race).
He has traveled the country following Bulldog football.
He has water-skied down ditch banks.
He has backpacked across Europe.
He has a Starbucks Grande Black everyday.
He has climbed to the top of Mt. Whitney.
He has lived every day of his life to its fullest.
But like every good story your youth must end.
The end of Steve Kuhtz's youth is coming! My pirate is turning 40 (in December)!
On Monday, June 15th, 2009 Steve will be 39 1/2 years old. Instead of celebrating him being OLD in December, I want to celebrate how young Steve lives now.
I am not asking for much, the cost is up to you. All I am asking is that on Monday, June 15th, you recognize Steve's half birthday.
Send a card.
Send an email.
Call him.
Be creative!
Just remember it is a SURPRISE!!!
**** Surprised indeed! Steve enjoyed his first ever warm weather swim birthday party yesterday. We all had a blast! But no Porcshe.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pirate Looks At 40...

When I was a kid our family celebrated 1/2 birthdays. How? On our half birthday we got to select the location to which the family would dine that evening. Why? Because if you has any 7 1/2 how old they are they are going to tell you that they are 7 1/2 NOT 7. There is definitely a difference. I realize now as a parent that it gave my mom a rare night off from cooking dinner for all of us. Over the years we have held these joyful events at Red Robin (without the clapping and the candle in the ice cream), Taco Bell, Carl's Jr., Sizzler, and Luna's Pizzeria just to name a few.
I have to admit that as a mom I hoped to continue this tradition, but I haven't been very good about remembering January 19th and October 24th. I do however always say that my husband should celebrate his birthday on his half birthday rather then the actual day (December 15th). I know there is probably some percentage of how much of the human population is born in December, all I have to say to you is "I am sorry", December sucks for taking time out to remember birthdays. Most of you have hellish stories of birthday gifts in Christmas wrap and gift that "kills 2 birds with 1 stone." This year my husband turns 40, and requires the requisite "You-Told-Me-I-Could-Get-A-Porsche-When-I Turn-40" Party. I decided that instead of a lame indoor party in December I would have a pool party for him in June!
TOMORROW is the BIG day! Oh! And it is a surprise! I can't wait! Who wouldn't want a pirate themed 39 1/2 party? I know I would! Stay tuned for updates!

My Pirate!

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's the Last Day of School...

I don't know if I should cry, cheer, or hide. Jack is off to a Minimum Day (aka- Movie-Talent- Show-Mixed-with-Some-"Free"-Babysitting-Come-to-School-So-You-Can-Get-Your-Report-Card Day) of school.
As a treat there were fresh baked cinnamon rolls and fresh picked blackberries for breakfast and to top it off a preservative filled Lunchable lunch.
I know someone is excited to sleep in on MONDAY!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh Yes She Can!!!

Yesterday my baby was proclaimed "a champion"! I am not kidding, Coach Jennika said so!
Today my little champion suited up (Speedo, cap, and goggles) and swam 25 yards on her back across the pool and then turned around and swam another 25 yards on her stomach. Coach Abby (no joke) has proclaimed her ready for the swim team. She is 3! I am so proud of my little fish.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Have Come Up With Something Great THIS Time...

I am not very good at keeping secrets and forget a surprise. I can't keep my mouth shut either. So this is a tough one for me! But just you wait and see this one will go down in the record books as the GREATEST! Trust me you will see!