Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's ON...

The annual Kuhtz Halloween Party is tonight (actually being held in two different states- ha!). The California Kuhtzs will be celebrating Halloween with the MOST offensive, vile, disgusting, revolting, embarrassing, not fit for public T-shirts ever! I can't wait to see who has brought it! Because I definitely did. Don't ask because I am too embarrassed to even repeat mine. :) Needless to say, no kids are allowed!
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Missing Persons Report

I think I have finally dug myself out of the insurance hole that I disappeared into. While I consumed most of my waking hours over the last few weeks with my insurance course (only to making a few appearances at the kids' schools and at Junior League events that I had already committed myself to). All of my "hard" work paid off in the form of passing my test and a house that was a complete and total disaster (not to mention the expanded waistline from eating nothing but candy and fast food for 2 weeks- kind of like the Freshman 15). Next step? 45 days in my favorite local germ palace- Wal Mart! You know you need a Medicare Supplemental policy. I will see you there! Be sure to drop in for a butterscotch and to catch a glimpse at my customer base...