Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Vacation...

Summer vacation has not existed for me for the last few years, while kids attended Vacation Bible Schools, day camps, visited their grandparents and cousins, suffered through long hot days at campus Club, I was sneaking away to work. Afternoons were spent at my home computer working and answering forwarded phone calls from the office. I loved my job, I loved talking to the little old ladies and their stories of their lives. I often said that I probably knew more about the people who I spoke with over the phone then their own children. But life has taken a turn, every day is better than the day before (and most days are pretty great), but, continuing to work from the office became difficult and stressful, and then doing something different became necessary... The big QUESTION was -WHAT???

After spending a lot of time volunteering at the kids school during the last few weeks of school, I realized that I missed the personal interaction I had with my students, watching them grow, develop, and create. I still feel proud of all of my students from the ones that I had nearly 15 years ago for 6 weeks in summer school, to the "kid" who checks me out at the grocery store, to the ones who have chosen careers in education, government, and those who have started families of their own- I had a little hand in guiding them into the adults that they are now. The ANSWER- go back to teaching!

I applied for what seems like a million jobs, interviewed and tested for what seemed like thousands, and then I found the one... the one that was the perfect fit, the one that meant that I wouldn't have to leave for work at 5 am to commute 50 miles, the one that gives student that opportunity to experience real hands on education with practical applications, in a state of the art facility.

I am happy to announce that I have accepted a position teaching United States History and Government and Economics at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology in the Finance /Business and Hospitality / Event Management Labs. The power of this organization is incredible, students WANT to be at CART! Teachers are facilitators, students really drive their education, and community partners provide the experience for practical application.

To everyone who has supported me through this change of paths THANK YOU! I could not have done this without your letters of recommendation and support or the phone calls and emails that you took time out of your lives to complete. Thank you to those of you who listened to me complain, whine, and get really excited about the changes that I am making. You all have been encouraging, inspiring, and reminded me (often) what I am capable of doing. THANK YOU!