Monday, February 14, 2011

Under the Bridge Downtown...

Can you remember the place, time, or situation where you and your significant other were the happiest (ie .... most in LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE)? I can. I will sleep under it every night.

And no, I have not become a homeless person. And I have not moved to New York City. I bought the photo for Steve for Valentine's. So romantic.

I think we just need a little daily reminder of the places that make us happy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Truth Be Told...

Yesterday I was surprised at the note that was sent home with my kids... The note was announcing that due to popular demand our school is considering requiring school uniforms next school year. More surprising than that was what I expected to be my reaction was not my reaction at all. My entire life I have thought that a school uniform would make things a lot easier and the "playing field" level for students. I suddenly found myself dreading the thought. After long hours of thinking about why I am suddenly on the opposite side of the fence on an issue I thought I was pretty set in my convictions about, I realized what is holding ME back from thinking this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to public school (besides me deciding to NEVER teach again)... The ONLY THING that I hate more than putting clothes away is...
HATE-IT-WITH-A-PASSION!!! School uniform screams "IRON ME!" Crazy right? I need to just get over it! "Move on Rachel! Snap out of it Crazy Lady!" says the school uniform. I am working on it, but it may take me awhile.

They are pretty cute... :)

I Was Blindsided...

My little boy is growing as evidenced by 2 things today. The first, I knew was coming, the second hit me while I wasn't looking.
#1- For weeks Jack has been talking about calling his friend, Blake from school. I was really convinced that his much anticipated call was ever going to occur because seriously- what do two 8 year old boys have to say to each other?
While preparing dinner tonight, the house phone rang. Guess who? Blake. Guess what he wanted? To know what the spelling words were for this week. Fair enough, good use of your buddy's phone number, props to you Blake.
#2- The walk home conversation today-
Jack- "Does having a cell phone mean that you are divorced?"
Mom- "What do you mean? Do kids at your school have cell phones?"
Jack- "Yes. Do you get a cell phone if your parents are divorced?"
Mom- "I don't know, I haven't really thought about it."
Jack- "I think that all the kids who have cell phones have parents who are divorced."
Mom- "Hmmmm... Interesting observation. Do kids use their cell phones at school?"
Jack- "Yes"
Mom- "What do they use their cell phones for?"
Jack- "Emergencies and stuff like that."
Mom- "I guess that is a good reason. But I don't think that has anything to do with their parents being divorced."
Jack- "You are probably right. Can I get a cell phone?"
Mom- "Probably not. Your dad and I are married..." We will have to wait and see how he digests that one... to be continued... I am sure...