Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get Your Kicks on...

Steve and I recently decided to do something we never do... take a trip with kids and NO PLANS- other than we are bringing the RV! Crazy- I know! We agreed that we at least needed to plan a direction to start heading and then we would play it by ear. We simply said we would go south and then east (bypassing the dreaded LA traffic, crowds, and amusement parks. Scandalise! I saw this trip going one of two ways... 1. We would end up eating every meal in some roadside greasy spoon and spending the night in flea bag motels a long the way. Miserable. 2. We would love camping in the RV in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Grilling burgers and dogs under the starry skies complete with a full moon. We chose Option 2. The kids loved the goofy Route 66 roadside stands. We put a giant K on the side of the road using beer bottles (I was assured this was art and not littering). We collected postcards and pins. We saw The Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, and Joshua Tree National Park. We spent Sunday literally zigzagging between Arizona, Nevada, and California. Jack acted as Ansel Adams reincarnated, taking pictures of elk, the canyon, water, the funny hats that he saw, the kitchy things at the Sno Cap and Roadkill Cafe restaurants. We sang Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson, and Taylor Swift songs. We had a GREAT time!
Next stop???
No pictures can be shown because I am afraid that I might make all of you hate me with jealousy. :) Just kidding... Major computer virus is still plaguing our house.