Saturday, October 2, 2010

This week...

I am so glad it is the weekend again! It took long enough to get here. This week pretty much ran me over like a freight train. It went like this- Monday- work, work in Abby's classroom, dance class, pick up Jack, do homework, Cub Scouts, TV, bed. Tuesday- work, ..... I can't even remember the rest of Tuesday... I know it ended with dinner out because I couldn't do one more thing, TV, and bed. AND IT WAS HOT (the temperature, not in bed, get your mind out of the gutter)! Wednesday- (this is when it gets good)- work (it is getting really busy with October 1st only 2 days away), lots of phone calls with old men that have no business working let alone operating a computer and me trying to assist them- annoying, Steve left for an overnight business trip that was not clearly communicated to his wife or children, homework with Papa while I worked SOME MORE, dinner, early to bed for the kids so that I could catch up on hours of DVR'd shows. Thursday- bed, work- dealing with more computer issues, more angry agents, training, paperwork, realize at 2:30 Steve is not going to be home until 9 pm- AGHHHHH!, start daydreaming about my fictional trip to Maui- by myself!, get to the bus stop... no kids, realize it is Thursday- intervention day, run to school to get Abby and wait for Jack, grocery store, home, dinner, work, Surprise! Steve is home early, the guy took the hint that I was passing the buck to him when he got home to find me eating outside with a glass of wine, and the kids inside doing... what? ok! ... I don't know what they were doing, Steve put them to bed, watched TV, bed Friday- Don't even get me started about Friday... I pray that next week is better.

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