Saturday, September 25, 2010


Cousin days aren't a very frequent occurrence for us, even though 100% of our first cousins live within a 5 mile radius of our house. Why? I don't know... it is a lot of work... I am lazy... we are too busy... and if we aren't busy the thought of entertaining even my own kids is exhausting (have a mentioned I need a nap). My sister is expecting her 3rd baby, she deserves a combat medal this trimester... they are in the process of buying a house, selling, a house, moving, she works full-time, she volunteers at school and Junior League in her spare time, and her first 2 children are both boys that are full of energy, and if that wasn't enough she has been put on "house arrest" by her doctor. That is when big sister steps in with help. The boys are here today and these are the things that are seen around the house. "The Bounty Hunter is going to attack Puppyland." It was a brutal battle of the Clones vs. LPS... LPS was victorious because of their secret weapon... Prince Eric! "Aunt Rachel, can we play Legos?" at least a million times. "I want Macaroni and Cheese for lunch."... 10 minutes later... "I don't like Mac and Cheese." "Does your mom have Iron Man song on her iPod? You have to listen to this song Patrick, it is one of the greatest. Do you like Black Sabbath?" Yes, we have already introduced our children to the wonderful world of Heavy Metal- I know! Bad Mommy! "Keith, what's on your butt? Turn around. What is on your butt?" I wish I had a picture of this because what it looked like was going to require Keith to strip in the driveway and undergo a through hose down. Luckily, it was only a grass stain. 3 o'clock faster than I thought it would, the kids had funny and I am ready for a beer. See you soon boys!

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