Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So Jack was scheduled to have his flu shot today, the annual return to school visit to the doctor to have liquid shoved up your nose appointment is more like it. This morning he woke up with a runny nose and a fake cough. He felt warm but Bad Mommy sent him to school. You can't miss your 8th day of 3rd grade right? So at the doctor's office he coughed and ran all over the office - lovely! When we finally got put in the room the nurse took his temp and then asked me how long had he been sick. Seriously?!? Less then 16 hours. I bit the bullet and asked for a Dr note to miss school "just in case" . Little Big Ears didn't miss that! Especially after Bad Mommy made him still get the flu shot and in the form of a shot, rather than the more desirable "mist". Guess who is milking the "sick" diagnosis for all it is worth... I can't tell if he is really asleep or faking it. I guess missing day 9 of 3rd grade is okay.

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