Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How Was Your Day...

I did it to my parents why wouldn't my kids do it to me???
The report today when asked how Abby's day went was:
1. I didn't see Jack at lunch.
2. She may or may not have shared a baby pickle with a girl in the purple dress... "now can I have a playday with Miya?" (I got this after I threatened that if there was not a change in attitude about school then there would never again be another Miya- Abby Playday).
3. She didn't like Campus Club.
4. Riding the bus was okay. Jack didn't forget me at school.
While at Grandma's this evening the real story emerged.
1. The playground is FUN and crowded.
2. The bus ride was cool.
3. Abby played with the girl in the purple dress, but she can't remember her name, but she "likes everything" about her (about Abby, not the other way around, yet).
I would have to say good reconnaissance work Dad! Thank God, day two was better. At bedtime Abby told me that when I said good-bye this morning it made her eyes want to cry but she was brave... that is all I am asking for , Babycakes

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