Friday, August 20, 2010

Someone is N*E*R*V*O*U*S...

About the First Day of School... okay maybe two people... Yesterday was the fateful "class list" day. The day that you finally figure out who you are going to entrust the education of your child to for the next 180 days because you couldn't homeschool your kids without it ending in murder. Jack is excited... to see where his friends are. Abby is reluctant to get out of the car... she is "too tired". WHATEVER!
"Yes!" I exclaim as I realize that both kids got the teachers that we wanted for them.
Jack was consumed with where "The Twins" are (in case you were wondering...finally placed appropriately in separate classrooms), and who stayed back in second grade. Nice!
Abby tried to hide, act like a baby that needed to be held, and nearly cried.
At home, Abby promptly refused to eat what I made for lunch, threw a fit, was sent to her room, and fained a stomach ache.
At dinner, I explained to Steve that someone is N*E*R*V*O*U*S about school. So the questions start, sure enough 3 questions deep Abby lowers her head, juts out her lip,and doesn't say a word. THEN... the tears come and the "Mommy feelings of making the worst decision in the World for her kid" start, along with horrible flashbacks of Summer Fun 3 weeks ago with the sobbing and the screaming. I am ready to panic, "what is Monday going to be like???" 4 minutes later the old Abby is back, asking if she can take herself to the bathroom in the restaurant, I don't get it! Who is this child?
Last night, I dreamt crazy dreams of dropping Abby off for school (with the drama) and then forgetting to pick her up from school (with MORE drama). I woke up in a panic... maybe my psyche is telling me something... Okay... I admit it... I am N*E*R*V*O*U*S too! My Baby is going to be in Kindergarten! Of course, I am nervous!

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