Monday, August 23, 2010

The First Day...

We survived! The first day of Kindergarten. The last of the tears were cried last night at bedtime, when I told Abby that I could not stay at school with her for 3 hours because I had already done Kindergarten back in 1980. This morning she is up, and ready to an exciting day of school.
The end of the first day school report was:
  1. Kindergarten is boring.
  2. The playground is no fun.
  3. Abby made no new friends.
  4. Kindergarten is hot. (Just wait for Wednesday, Babycakes!)
  5. And there are no toys, just magic playdoh... which is no fun.

The brightside is that instead of me picking her up tomorrow she would like to go to Campus Club and ride the bus home with Jack. Done!

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