Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Curse of Sandy Fox...

My mom had the same mustard colored washer and dryer for YEARS!!! For as long as I lived in her house in Clovis (13 years). Since the dreadful demise of the mustard washer and dryer I think she has gone through a minimum of 3 brand new sets of her favorite appliance in the last 12 years. Not a very good average, but it is very common according to my appliance man's wife. It is true what they say, things just aren't made like they use.
In January, my trusty 4 year old washing machine decided to break an unbreakable (and nearly irreplaceable part). A trip to the laundromat, 2 appliance guys, and $200 later she worked as good as new until this past Sunday. Sunday I planned to do laundry and enjoy a sunny day by the pool. I was only able to accomplish one of my goals, washing machine would not even light up. Not a good sign.
So after a long conversation with the appliance man's wife she recommended that we purchase a new one. After further research come to find out that my trusty friend, Calypso was not so trusty and nicknamed "Collapso" in the appliance industry. Lucky me!
So yesterday we purchased my new best friend, Cabrio. She is scheduled to arrive any minute now. Which will be none too soon considering- Where do you hide 1 week's worth of laundry from 30 people who are scheduled to arrive at my house tomorrow for a Spring Break Playdate?
Any ideas?

Good-bye old friend!

Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out! I have laundry to do!

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Mama Lou said...

Maybe the Appliance Guy's Wife will take all of your dirty laundry off your hands. She seems helpful.

Or maybe your new washing machine will be SO efficient it will get all of the laundry done, dried and put away.