Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Total Dorkfest...

Is that a theme? Seems to be the one Jack chose for his 7th birthday party. What do you do at dorkfest?
  1. Talk about bad words that "other kids" use at school. Words like the "the d-word" or the "h-word". Also known as "darn" and "hate", there was talk of the "s-word" but it remains a mystery.
  2. Burp the alphabet. Burp until you nearly throw up. A burp always gets a laugh at a Dorkfest.
  3. Eat speciality pizza. No I don't mean gourmet or even a fancy combination. I mean speciality pizza because after years of close study, Jack and Carson both like the exact same pizza... cheese pizza with black olives and NO sauce (how did we get to this point?). Sauce is a deal breaker... I know because dad had to go back and get a new pizza for the boys.
  4. You have a table full of candy, treats, popcorn, and soda ready for an intense game of Wii NASCAR Go Carts followed by a riveting movie about puppies in outer space (aka-Space Buddies). There was so much junk food you don't even eat the cupcakes, ice cream, and whipped cream or sing "Happy Birthday".
  5. You sleep with your Bakugan and your Build-A-Bear Big Bird and Surfer Frog.
  6. In the morning you wake up before you do to attend school in order to get as much Wii, Bakugan, and donut eating in as possible before your friend needs to go home.
  7. You wish that your friend had brought his t-shirt that matches the one that he gave you for your birthday. Just like Sadie's.
Steve assures me that while I may think that this is the dorkiest party to date, that it is the most fun two 7-year old boys could have in one slumber party. Happy 7th year of parenthood to me!

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