Monday, May 18, 2009

Suga Bugs...

Every Spring we (I) are suckered into buying the live ladybugs at the local nursery. Yesterday Daddy and Jack were "too busy" with getting ready for the big race this weekend. And Abby was dying to release the ladybugs we had purchased the day before.
The directions for release are pretty simple-
  1. Wait for the evening, when the temperature is cool.
  2. Release in an area that has potential bad bug problems.
  3. Spray area with water.
  4. Do not spray pesticides 14 days before of after the release of the ladybugs.

Temperatures in Fresno were expected to reach 106 yesterday, not what I call cool at any point during the day. And Abby was demanding the removal of the bugs from captivity at 11 am, not the evening. Rather than listen to her talk, whine, and beg about it for the rest of the day I allowed for the bugs to be set free.

Abby was so happy to have there little red and black friends climb on her feet and legs. She exclaimed "I love Suga Bugs!" By the way direction #4 may have been ignored because later in the afternoon the bugs that decided to walk on the patio found out the hard way that the pest guy had been over last week. OOPS!

This morning I found that my lovely daughter felt like several of her Suga Bugs needed to spend the night in her room. Most had the time of their life!

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dorea said...

I see they spent the night in the appropriate container :)