Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hold your breath...

This blog could go one of two ways... I could tell you the not so charming story about my 7 year old who for the first time in his life (and in mine as a mother) farted and enjoyed the pleasantness of his own stink the other day. OR I could tell you about how I am looking forward to and dreading Spring Break next week. I will spare you the gory details of the first story. I wish I were spending our Spring Break here. Even the prospect of that seems overwhelmingly crowded and not very relaxing. Instead we will be spending it here- Family Fun. And here Make and Takes. Here is why I am sensing terror and relief for a week long holiday from school: 1. No school means no alarm clock. Which again could go two ways- kids sleep in or kids don't sleep in. Need I explain more? 2. Yahoo Weather is reporting rain in the Central Valley, not one day, not two days, BUT for THREE days in a row next week. I was hoping that we would be blessed with sunny swimming weather with Spring Break so late. We are not that lucky. 3. Budget! Budget! Budget! Mama's on a budget (much to her dismay). So do you choose new shoes for the kids or two hours at the movie theater one afternoon? I already made the choice to cloth and accessorize my children rather then go to the movie. Sacrifice- no movie. 4. Playdates! I am not usually one for having friends come over and play, mostly because I hate picking up the mess afterwards. This Spring Break I am attempting to be a good mom and I have invited 13 of my friends and their children over on the supposedly non rainy day for a spring themed picnic and crafts. Budget tells me everyone needs to bring their own lunch. 5. No driving! Or should I say less driving, other than 4 days of karate (make ups for days that we missed recently) and 1 swimming lesson! I love the prospect of not having to drive all over town, especially with both kids in the car. I just got the email saying "NO swim practice next week!!!" SCORE 1 for Rachel! 6. Reading anyone? I am looking forward to doing some heavy reading and getting Jack to do some reading also. My little mathlete needs to work on his reading skills before the end of the school year. If he cooperates we will work on subtraction, money, and time! Lucky Jack! The list seems selfish. While today I am looking forward to most of these things by Wednesday I will be pulling my hair out! I guess I need to jump in feet first and remember to hold my breath (and to take a breath every so often). But part of me wishes I could go back to Spring Break 1997 and have all of that carefree fun all over again!
Any bright ideas about what to do with two children on a tight budget on a rainy day?

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