Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just the Girls...

Yesterday Jack convinced his dad that he needed to go to the office with him. So it was just mom and Abby at home! The morning was unremarkably ordinary, gym, showers, and off to the office to do the weekly check deposit.
The afternoon however was joyous and painful. Abby had a hair appointment which we were really early for so I decided to take her to a store that she would now appreciate- COACH! Yes, I am dumber then I look. Let's put it this way, Abby walked out of the store with more then I have ever walked out of the Coach store with- a bag and perfume samples! The sales ladies went nuts over her and kindly gave her a shopping bag and 2 perfume samples. She was in heaven!

She held her bag all through her haircut! Enough to bring tears to her mother and Aunt Lindsay's eyes.

After an afternoon of pampering and attention for Abby, we headed off to the Fresno State Market to pick up some sweet corn for dinner. I was happy to find cheese curds, pesto sausage, and fresh tomatoes to round out our farmer's market dinner. On our way out to the car I slipped off the curb and landed on the asphalt and my car. HOW EMBARRASSING! Abby stood there looking at me like I was a crazy person not sure what to do. I quickly shook it off and tried to act like it didn't hurt like... well you know.

So much for a great end to a wonderful Mother-Daughter Day. Abby was thoughtful enough to ask me twice if I was ok. I think she may have been worried about my mental state and driving home.

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