Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello Kitty...

There are certain stores that I would rather go to by myself, the party store being one of them. This past Saturday night with Steve watching the brutality that is called UFC at friends' house, I loaded up the kids and made a trip to the party store.
Jack the true party planner was hoping that his sister would select a more gender neutral theme for her party (ie.- Star Wars or Bakugan) because what boy wants a goodie bag filled with princess or Barbie crap (my word not his). After being informed that myself and I didn't care what he wanted and if he didn't like it he could sit in his room during his sister's party. Abby being the kind and thoughtful sister that she is offered to have a Cars party to make her brother happy. She quickly abandoned that thought when she entered the pink aisle at Party City and selected Hello Kitty as her theme. Jack tried to remind her that all the boys at her party would hate Hello Kitty, which I quickly set him straight telling him that "the only boys at her party are actually are only the cousins, Patrick, Keith, and Blake and I am pretty sure none of them will care being that the oldest is almost 5 and they don't have to come if Hello Kitty bothers them but I think that their moms will make them come anyway. Plus! Does Abby complain about going to your 'boy' parties? "
Do you understand now why I like to go to the Party Store by myself?

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