Friday, July 3, 2009

The "Real" Housewives...

OF FRESNO??? This afternoon I took the kids and their friend to the movies at the mall. I was shocked and dismayed at an advertisement that was posted in the entrance to the movie theater. Could it be true? Could they be filming a "Real Housewives" here in Fresno??? I truly consider myself a fan of the "Real Housewives" series, I can't get enough of the reality drama.
Recently my friend Sara and I joked that we needed our own reality show about the stupid stuff our husbands put us through with racing. I am not kidding- it will be a HIT!
After the movie I went to further investigate the notion that Fresno is worthy of anything but being the butt of Hollywood jokes. Sure enough I found that the Open Casting Call was for women who had "less then perfect lives". Oh brother! Here we go! I can see it now real housewives with mom jeans, minivans, shopping at deserted malls, with fake nails, and too much skin showing. Sounds like a horror story to me!
I came home and found nothing on the radio station's website to indicate that such an event is going to occur. So once again... there can be a collective laugh about how gullible Fresno is, BUT at least we are romantic.

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