Friday, December 12, 2008

Have I mentioned...

That my daughter is bossy!
Many mistake it for her being cute and 3. Me? I see it as her attempt to manipulate and control everyone, man, woman, or child to do what she wants them to do at that exact moment (yes, "moment" is a key word because she changes her mind almost as quickly as Britney changes her hair style). Abby is able to reel people in using any means necessary, usually it doesn't take more then touching her curly locks, batting her eyelashes, and smiling.
SOOOOOO today was Abby's debut performance at school.
I walked in and saw where she was sitting (
next to 1 of the 2 "cutest boys" in her class, her words not mine!)
and knew this was going to be more then priceless!

"Cutest Boy #1"

2 seconds later Abby was telling on him for touching stuff.

The Snowflakes were the problem.

Tone deaf Abby can't sing "Jingle Bells" well if she can hear the girl sitting next to her. I think she saw that move on "Hannah Montana".

After the "show", argyle boy's mom told me that she was glad that Abby could keep her son in his place. Good God! You better watch out! She is already working on about 3 other boys (including her older brother) to marry her and have a wedding (I think it is about the wedding more then it is about the boys- or at least that is what I keep telling myself).
If bossing the boys around wasn't enough. Abby got all of her teachers to gush over her and tell her how beautiful she is by simply lifting her right foot to hug each and everyone of them.

The question in the back of my mind is what is this girl going to be when she grows up??? Most likely a princess to some "dumb sap" (as Great Grandpa Keith would have said) who will do exactly what she wants him to when she wants it done.
Cutest Boy #1, Abby, Cutest Boy #2, and Cutest Boy #1's baby brother
They look so happy now! Someday they will compete for her to treat them like dirt! Sorry boys it is a fact of life!

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