Monday, December 1, 2008

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

The main attraction!

The stockings were hung...
There are so many where do I start??? Books- Twilight series- devoured them, I pray at night for more stories of Bella and Edward Shoes- my pink Uggs- so ugly but SOOOO warm! TV Show-Lost- I am counting the day until Season 4 comes out on DVD... 7 by the way. Blog- toss up between my sister's (Notes from Serenity) I can't get enough of my adorable nephews or Sarah's (Thrifty Chick) so many things to copy! Check out my Initial wreath! Below-

I have a Starbucks ornament tree on the table that didn't come out very well in the picture.
Stores- Target... is there anywhere else? Favorite way to connect with friends- FACEBOOK!!! This is possibly the best find of the year for me! Thanks Kelly! Or is it my blog??? Hmmmm... My Favorite Holiday- Christmas!!! This year not just 1 tree, I have 4 trees in my house!!! LOVE IT!!!

The Disney Tree!!! And a tree to hang Christmas Cards on!!! (I already got one!)
Christmas movie- oooo! I love a classic Miracle on 34th St. But I do also love the humor of Elf and Christmas Vacation. Christmas food- CANDY!!! I love to make and EAT English Toffee. AND easy to make...
Super Easy Toffee
Cup of butter
Cup of Sugar
Hershey bar
Almonds slivered ( I prefer roasted, I usually use raw and toast them in the oven myself)
Chop equal parts choclate and almonds. Cover bottom of cookie sheet. On stove boil sugar and butter until color of toffee and sugar dissolves, stir constantly. (about 10 minutes past boil) Pour over chocolate and almonds. When cool flip onto cutting board and break into pieces.
Easy to double!

Snowflake tree!


Mama Lou said...

Lookin' good. I still have to do the tree and the mantel.
Your K has more personality than my C. Where are the pics of the other trees?

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Beautiful trees! Great faves...came over from Sarahs...i have never tried it like myspace? cherry

Older & Wisor said...

Look at you goin' Christmas crazy! You DO need some Santa boots. I got mine years ago from Target...

Older & Wisor said...

Oh, and I was sooo going to try the initial wreath (a "W" is the perfect shape for hanging) but I've run out of room ;) Next year.