Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Hustle and Bustle...

The holiday rush is finally here!!! Here is how we spent the last 4 freezing cold days: Thursday- FINALLY it is cold! Jack had his winter holiday performance at school. Steve was at an enrollment meeting and made it to school just in time to watch the last 2 rows of kids get on stage. We thoroughly enjoyed the program. It always makes us smile to watch or shy child attempt to keep time with 79 other 6 year olds. I was rewarded for all of my years of excellent craft collecting with this...
Jack's cowboy made the Multipurpose Room board!!!
Friday- My sister, a friend, and I attended the La Comida Guild Home Tour. Great day! Frozen my arse off! Finished Christmas shopping. Went to dinner to celebrate some friends birthdays at the Public House- YUM!!! Stayed up way too late talking!
Saturday- In the morning I went to the Craycroft Center in downtown Fresno. My self and 24 other Junior Leaguers had breakfast with the children and staff at Craycroft. What a great way to make you truly appreciate how lucky you really are. I tried to explain it to Jack later in the day that it is like a hotel for kids who can't live at home because something bad happened there. People come in and take good care of them and love them because they need lots of love. (That seemed like a good explanation because the questions stopped after that). The 8 children that were there were showered with gifts from the Leaguers and given A LOT of attention. It made my heart feel extra good.
I spent the afternoon signing Christmas cards and getting them ready to mail out on Monday, while I watched "Kath and Kim" and "ER".
I thought that it would be a prefect night for a popcorn dinner (we used to do them all the time when I was a kid- popcorn, orange soda, apples, and a good movie). Steve, Jack, and Abby were not on board for a popcorn dinner, so I treated them to leftovers. :) After dinner, the kids and I curled up on the couch and watched "Home Alone" and ate popcorn (I kind of got my way).
Today- I do laundry. Get ready for school tomorrow. Go to Target. Eat some lunch. Maybe bake a chocolate cake (a trial run for the real thing next week for Steve's birthday). Do anything but spend too much time outside... TOO cold!!!

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