Friday, October 24, 2008

What would Jimmy Buffett do?

Tuesday night was Christmas for the Kuhtz family. After 6 long months of anticipation, we packed up the family SUV and all 4 of us headed to the Shoreline Amphitheatre for a little late summer outdoor concert. I know I am not the best mom, but I know for sure I wasn't the only mom with her kids at the Jimmy Buffett concert on a school night. And guess what I don't care!!! (We did make both kids go to school on Wednesday)
We had a great time! Our kids loved it and even fell asleep in their chairs.
Anticipation is exhausting!

We love Buffett! We loved the concert! We love each other! Christmas- right?

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Mama Lou said...

You have your own Bad Mommy chronicles now! I think it is only bad if you give them tequila shots instead of light beer... And that picture of you and Abby has a "what about that guy" in it.