Saturday, October 4, 2008

And the Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down...

I think I heard the other day that the last time it rained in Fresno was May 13th (Jennifer this means I really don't know if that was the day or not ;) ). For the last 10 days the weather men in Fresno have been predicting rain starting Friday, October 3rd into the morning of October 4th. Well low and behold they were right for once! I hate it when the weatherman is right and I have worked all week to convince myself that he will definitely be wrong.
Today is not a day it should rain, you know why? BECAUSE I SAID SO!
1. Jack has his first club swim meet this morning. The first thing that Jack said to me this morning was "why would there be a swim meet on a rainy day?"
2. Fresno State vs. Hawaii 7 pm kickoff. Tailgate starts at 3. Depending on how long it rains this totally screws up what I planned to wear to the game and I am not sure if I have any jeans that fit.
3. David blew out my hair yesterday. While in theory I should be able to salvage the work that he did on my unruly hair yesterday I am not sure I can reverse the damage that the hat on my head has already done to his hard work.
4. I have already caught up on all my recorded TV that I am able to watch with my kids and husband. Nothing to sit around and watch. Other then Rambo and Terminator from Netflix (Steve's picks that I never thought would get to the top of my Queue).
5. Raisins are on the ground... this is totally going to ruin the raisin harvest- Right?
6. I have already told myself there will be no NASCAR nap this weekend. I slept so well last Sunday, I haven't been able to sleep all week.
7. Really the only reason I don't think it should rain today is because I have stuff to do and plans made! Selfish- yes, but I don't care!
I hope that all of you enjoy the first rainy day of Fall curled up under a blanket watching good TV and take a nap for me.

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