Thursday, February 11, 2010

Working Girl...

As a teen I had big dreams, high hopes, and lofty expectations that I would someday be one of those super chic, working for my money, city girls, you know what I am talking about like Melanie Griffith in the cult classic "Working Girl". As things work out I never was really good at the chic part, and there is nothing hip about teaching, and Iowa was far from the city... and then you add a husband and 2 children and I realized that there wasn't even time for the working part.
Until last September, when Steve proposed that I help him "man a booth" at Wal Mart (not chic- in the least bit!). I agreed to help because 6 or 7 weeks wouldn't be so bad. Shortly after my booth sitting began, Steve came to me again because he needed someone to call "some people" (489 people to be exact, with a marketing plan that involved calling people no less than 8 times before considering them a "dead lead"- morbid I know! Especially when we are talking about the Senior market), I agreed to do it. By Christmas we were all running out of steam (everyone but Steve, who put an amazing 12,000 miles on his truck in the last 6 weeks of 2009 and signed 150+ new clients).
So now the Medicare season is slow, so I have graciously agreed to recruit and contract new agents to work for the 2010 Annual Election Period, what was I thinking! Because most of my days are leisurely. And then there are days like today I called 20 agents, 30 potential clients, and baked 20 dozen (the math is a little blurry) cookies for the kids Valentine Parties tomorrow. I also worked out for 30 minutes on Wii Fit Plus, took Steve's down coat to the cleaners, got my car washed, made copies of Valentines games for Jack's class, went to the bank, the post office, the office supply store, and the grocery store. I even cleaned out the totally gross clog in my bathroom drain! The only thing that didn't get checked off my list was putting the furniture back after having the carpets cleaned--- WHY? because the guy never showed up to clean them!
I have to say I think that I am most definitely a working girl.

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