Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Routine...

There is something comforting about a routine, the familiarity and rhythm of the monotony of doing the same thing the same way over and over again. Sometimes the predictability is annoying because the precedence has been set and enjoyed by most. Time to air dirty laundry... again... Our Sunday routine goes something like this- 6:40- First child wakes (the specific child changes from week to week). 6:55- First child awake wakes second child. 7:00- Both children wake parents, with requests of breakfast and / or television. 7:01- One parent says to the other parent (this alternates also), something to the effect of "they wake up before 7 on the weekend and you have to drag them out of bed on a school day". *** Some time around 8- children return with demands of food. 8:10- the parent that feels most guilty (usually Steve) rolls out of bed and again mumbles the parent mantra. 8:30- breakfast served. Television is switched from the Flintstones to NASCAR Raceday. I am not sure what happens between 8:30 and 10:30 because I am asleep. After all I am the parent who gets up the other 6 days of the week and drags the children from their slumber, makes breakfast and lunch, and gets 1 1/2 children ready for school. 10:30- 3 excited family member wish the last person awake a "good morning", the early riser parent and the late risers do the parent equivalent of a relay exchange (signifying that the first parent is not longer responsible for the needs for the children for at least 3 hours). For the next few hours kids play, parents read and use the computer, and the TV drones in the background. Jack asks no less than 10 times what time the race starts (this happens 52 weeks a year, even though racing only takes place 36 weeks out of the year. Between 12 and 1- One adult convinces the another adult to go pick up the obligatory steak sandwich from our favorite sandwich shop. By 2- Dad is asleep on the couch, comatose from the lull of racecars and the sandwich hitting the right spot. Jack is expertly keeping notes on the race. Mom and Abby find something to do. By 5- Dad is awake, race is over, Jack has downloaded the race, and Mom and Abby are bored. 6:30- Dinner (in or out). Maybe a trip to Target to pick up supplies for the week. 7- BEDTIME for kiddos. Clothes are set out for school. Jammies on. Teeth brushed. Homework is looked at. Kitchen is cleaned up. 7:45- Mom and Dad settle into a night of catching up on reality TV and sitcoms. What is your Sunday routine? *** I think that this has been a statement made by parents of school aged children for generations and for generations to come.

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