Friday, February 12, 2010

It Doesn't Get Better Than...

Valentine's Day! If you are a 4 year old girl that is. This 34 year old girl can think of a lot of things better than Valentine's Day, but this blog isn't about me... Things heard coming from the backseat of my car today...
  • "Oh that Sayler, she is such a sweet girl."
  • "What a beautiful card Maya picked!"
  • "This is the cutest puppy card I have ever seen!"
  • "I am going to have to thank all my friends for all of my Valentimes (note the spelling) cards!"
  • "I wonder how much candy I got. I certainly need to share some with Jack!"
  • "Who made this delicious cake?"... that comment almost prompted me to swerve off the road to save the nice black leather in my new car.
  • "Sienna gave me my favorite kind of candy. She is my best friend in the whole World forever!"
  • "That Jacob is such a nice boy!"
  • "Hee! Hee! I gave myself two Valentime's! That is so funny!"

Now I know who Valentine's Day is for... the 4 year old girl who could eat all the sap and then some with a spoon.

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