Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You WHAT???? (Or Why I Love wikiHow)

Last night I discovered this on Jack's bedroom furniture! YIKES! I know... what do you do with permanent marker on wood furniture. This morning as I jotted down my daily "to dos" Steve reminded me to call the furniture repair guy. I seriously dislike the furniture repair industry for some reason, which is why I convinced myself that I could remove the marks on my own (for almost free). In the parking lot at the gym I did a quick Yahoo! Search (another one of my favorites) on my BlackBerry for "remove permanent marker". My new favorite site popped up first:
A mother's dream come true! White Toothpaste- check! Soft rag- check! Permanent marker on furniture- check! Gone in 60 seconds!!!
SuperMom saves the day!!!


Mama Lou said...

The permanent marker got lose in my house too! Drew the EXACT same picture on the table. I don't have any white toothpaste so I am setting my sights on a new table.

Mama Lou said...

It worked! I guess we don't need a new table now. I wonder if the furniture repair guy would have come in and made a big deal about his secret white paste and charged you $85. thanks for the toothpaste.

Tova Darling said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Good thing you didn't waste your money!