Thursday, January 15, 2009

And I thought I was that girl...

I had a slow drain in my sink. You know that annoying type that fills the sink with water while you wastefully run the water while you brush your teeth. Or while you are washing your face you accidentally use the yucky water that is left in the basin. It is just a plain nuisance.

So last night, fed up with the situation I decided that I could fix it myself with the help of my new friend, wikihow. I looked up the directions for "How to Clear a Clogged Sink". Clog- check. Shop Vac- what do I need that for? Bucket- check. Tools- I have my yellow cleaning gloves and an old toothbrush, does that count? I got right to work. After taking pictures of the water sitting and fooling around with the pipes under my sink, I heard Steve asking something about Joe the Plumber. Caught! I was avoiding asking him for help because I was expecting a lecture about my hair and how it is pretty much falling out for now reason other then it wants to perpetuate my lifelong struggle with it. Conversation I avoid like the plague, even if it means clearing the clog myself. I sheepishly told him that I think I have a hairball in the sink and he kindly helped me out without a word about my hair. (He's a keeper)

My Hero!
BOY am I glad that he did. As soon as he got the pipe off I could taste the throw up in the back of my mouth. GROSS! Grosser then washing your face with dirty basin water. Abby with her ever perfect timing came in to see what we were doing just about the time that I was recovering the bucket of black stuff (Steve said it was algae but not just hair- GOOD!) and water from under the sink. She agreed "kisscussking", but was fascinated by the things that were floating in the tub of cloudy water, Drano, and Ammonia (I tried to take the easy way out earlier in the day).

You know the picture doesn't even do it justice.

"Kisscussking" is probably the cutest thing Abby has ever said. This was the only picture from last night that was appropriate for anyone but my eyes.

By the way- I am not that girl that can fix the clogged drain without the help of her husband. That is some sick stuff! wikihow may have told me how, but there is no way that would ever do this again on my own.

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