Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Secret Desire...

A Beautiful Laundry Room!
Sorry Lindsay but it is true!
As much as I like to poke fun and mock the beautiful laundry rooms that I have discovered my fellow bloggers have... I secretly want one! I decided this after my sister and I went back and forth about the function of the lamp on Thrifty Chick's clothes dryer. But now I look at my laundry room ("my office" if you will) with different eyes. The room has soooo much potential, the cabinets are beautiful and the walls are a good color, but it lacks personality... which is why I try to spend as little time in there as possible and still keep my family dressed in clean clothing. So today on a crafty mission to get started on my Christmas Initial, as I walked down EVERY aisle in Joann's I also started brainstorming if I had money to spend (Yes, the economy has stuck the Kuhtz family too) what would I buy to make my laundry room look better, thus making one of my "mommy jobs" more pleasant. I came up with some good ideas but without the cash to back it up it is all a pipe dream. For now my "office" will continue to look like this...

Even if my "office" leaves a lot to be desired, I am so thankful that my house finally looks like fall has come!!! My sister-in-law actually sent me a text today telling me how pretty my house looks today (trust me tomorrow it will look totally different). I am also thankful that my "office" is no longer in the garage like it was at our old house. I suppose things could be worse, a lot worse!

Update- I do have to formally apologize to Sarah of Thrifty Chick for the trash talking that I did about you and your lovely laundry room. Some times sarcasm gets the best of me and I can't keep myself from saying the first thing that comes to my mind. I do love everything you do!!! AND please read my sister's blog, it would make her so happy!

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Kathryn said...

Yes-I'm one of those that has an outdoor "office"! I'd settle for a cubicle as long as it was inside! Outdoor laundry rooms suck!! I guess it could be worse.....laundromat!