Sunday, November 16, 2008

I stand by what I say...

Christmas is a disease! I mean it!
After my blog last week and a Facebook status update my community of readers is split down the middle about whether or not I should even be considering decorating my house for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over. Here is the way I see it:
  1. I love Thanksgiving. I love turkey and dressing. I love Rachael Ray's Pumpkin Cheesecake. I love the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I love reading the newspaper advertisements and planning my shopping attack for Black Friday. What I don't care for is that Thanksgiving has no commercial appeal to the mass markets. There are no gifts to buy and wrap, no real decorations that qualify as purely Thanksgiving. After Halloween is over I turn around my Jack-o-Lanterns and make them pumpkins. NO FUN! I do have the Little People Mayflower and Thanksgiving Feast set which I think is so cute and I play with more then my kids do.
  2. How can you not start thinking about Christmas when desperate retailers have already had Santa make his big debut at the local mall. That did freak me out, but not as bad as the parents that were there having their children's picture taken with him last week.
  3. With the economy, the war, and the election, it seems like everyone needs a little Christmas cheer to get them out of this funk. There can be no doom and gloom with Christmas in the air.
  4. I am from the school of thought that I like to get all of my Christmas work stuff done early because I like to enjoy the Christmas fun stuff. I don't think it gets any better then a hot cup of tea sitting next to my 14 foot Christmas tree with the fire going, blanket on, curled up next to my husband and kids and watching one of those cheesy Christmas movies from the 70s. It isn't very often that we slow down these days to enjoying being with one another.
  5. I don't want to diet I want to BAKE!!! Right now I am on the post vacation diet, I have been eating good, I want to make (and eat) candy, cookies, and other yummy treats and to not worry about it because it is Christmas!
  6. I want to shop! I love to shop for other people. I try to buy nice things for my friends and family because I like to treat them to special things. Right now I am in a holding pattern of to shop or not to shop... again the economy.

Just so that you know there is no way I would put up Christmas before Thanksgiving because I just don't have the time. As I has mentioned before I have a little problem when it comes to Christmas decor as well as a husband who has a hard time letting go of our children's baby clothes those two things have collided in the attic so is ALL has to come down and be dealt with.

I think that a little early Christmas may do us all some good. Sorry!


Mama Lou said...

I wrote a Thanksgiving post on Friday. I wasn't getting ready to post it right now and I just saw your post. I agree, but still poor Thanksgiving.

Mama Lou said...

I meant I **was**....

I'm posting it in two seconds.