Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Pictures! AGHHHHH...

So Christmas is just around the Thanksgiving corner and I am trying to be proactive and get my picture of the kids taken before I get too busy with everything else Christmas. Today is a perfect day- early release from school, no karate, and minimal homework- except my kids were not in the Christmas picture taking spirit.
A woman told me the other day that she has a hard time photographing her blue eyed children outside during the day, something about light colored eyes being more sensitive. Maybe this is Jack's problem but what about in the shade???
My sister and I make an conscious effort to have the cousins picture taken every year at Christmastime with coordinating outfits. This year - HO! HO!- my guess after today's catastrophe that this year's outfit is going to be more of a hassle then we thought it was going to be. The shirts have already been a problem with sizing and I am taking my kids bottoms back ask soon we are done with the pictures because even though I bought them early I am not happy with the way the stitching on Abby's shirt looks and I am not spending $25 on pajamas that aren't made right.
Maybe we will try again next week after I put up the Christmas tree and Daddy is home to do the screaming and yelling. My photographer days are over.

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Mama Lou said...

I tried to get this out of the way a couple of weeks ago. I might have a couple of shots if I squint (hard). We are going to try again this weekend at the park if you want to join us. Kelly Ripa said something this morning about sending out a Christmas pic of all of her children crying. It would get people talking...