Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hallmark Step Aside... There is a new Cardmarker in Town!

A friend of mine recently enlightened me in an easy way to save money at the stationary store- the Card Exchange!!! I love it! Even though I have yet to receive any cards yet, I have made my 20! How it works-
  1. Find 10 to 20 friends to participate.
  2. Each friend makes as many cards as there are in the group. Some will make it complicated and super crafty, others (like me) will be simple. You will enjoy each for their own personality. Themes don't matter!
  3. Everyone needs to make sure that their cards are turned in my the set date with an envelope that fits the card.
  4. One person collects the cards and redistributes them to the participants.

I love it!!!The best was my friend told me about it in August, just about the time Target was clearing out their Summer card products. I got a bunch of cards and embellishments for only a few dollars. All I did extra was buy some ribbon at Michaels. I think I did 20 cards for less then $10! WOW! A Bargain!

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