Monday, September 8, 2008

What am I doing here???

My sister is right, it is better to record your thoughts with the morbid thought that someday I won't be around to let my children know what it was like for them a kids or what their mother was about. Therapy in a computer... it can't get better then that right!!! Some of my closest friends are images on a computer screen, other moms who cope (avoid) with household tasks by logging on to Facebook and sending each other stupid flair that in an attempt to make the other laugh at something other then Hannah Montana show their kids is currently watching. For today, exercise is done, Jack is off to school, sick Abby has watched Ariel- The Beginning (or just "The Beginning"- if you are cool like that), has made a mess on the floor in the game room and is swiftly moving on to the kitchen, with crayons, a pencil sharpener, and who knows what else. My work is never done, yet here I sit blogging my heart away. In my next blog- I will be commenting on my husband's ability to turn on the Disney Channel and still become intraced by Hannah Montana or The Suite Life. AND also, Disney's ability to create movies with single parent theme that no one seems to notice. PLUS, I have the secret to the disappearance of Ariel's mother.

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Mama Lou said...

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I'm glad you are here. Sorry I exaggerated about my readership of two only being a readership of one. I stand corrected. I can't wait to read the Disney post.