Monday, September 8, 2008

The Princess Sleeps- A Day in the Life of a sick Abby

"Abby is sick" Steve tells me last night. I just stare at him, I think this is his way of saying her nose isn't running because she has allergies. The only thoughts in my head after that are- "Can she still go to swim lesson tomorrow? What about my pilates class on Tuesday? BUT wait forget about all of that- she has school Wednesday and I HAVE to get my hair cut!" AGHHH! A sick Abby means a miserable family. I expertly sedated my daughter and put her in bed at 6:45 PM yesterday, without protests from anyone, even Abby! Promptly at 6:58 this morning, we were woken up to the cheerful (and well?) voice of Abby, "Everybody wake up! The sun is open!" Maybe I have been spared a tiresome day of dealing with snot and Kleenex and a 3 year old who refuses to blow her nose (why would she her 6 year old brother won't either). I was wrong, by 7:15 we had our first meltdown and banishment to somewhere other then where I was at that moment. Jack cheerfully left for school at 7:58, I think he was laughing at me as he pulled away on the bus. At home with just the two of us, Abby and I settled into our morning routine, exercise and Ariel. For those of you who don't know, my daughter thinks that she is the Little Mermaid, Ariel. She swims in the pool diving down "like a mermaid", singing Ariel songs, and sometimes talks of her friends Sebastian and Flounder. Anyway, 2 weeks ago the latest of the Little Mermaid movies was released- "The Little Mermaid- Ariel's Beginning". Abby has watched it nearly everyday since it we got it. Now I take issue with Disney- Disney is the finest provider of family and children's entertainment, we love Disney! I have loved Disney since watching the Apple Dumpling Gang, Pollyanna, Bedknobs and Broomsticks as a kid, I remember going to see Disney movies with my mom and my sister and brother and laughing at my mom for crying, what was wrong with that woman??? I will tell you! Disney loves to kill off one of the (if not all of) the adult parental figure(s) in the lives of their young main characters. "The Beginning" is no different, but is by far the most horrifying. Ariel's mother loved to sing and would sing at the surface of the ocean to all the merpeople. One very unfortunate day, Ariel's mother was singing her heart out and the next think she knew all of her friends deserted her because a ship was coming to the cove haphazardly. The boat crashed and Ariel's mother was never seen again. Don't get it--- DISNEY had a BOAT RUN OVER ARIEL'S MOM!!! Abby loves this movie. After watching "The Beginning" Abby came to the office to find me to tell me that she wants me to buy the pancake puff pan. Have you seen the infomerical? Check it out- They had Abby at "cover them with chocolate." At first I tried to tell her that they aren't pancake puffs they are actually ebelskivers and that Great Grandma Keith makes them every year between Christmas and New Years Eve and that our family doesn't eat them with chocolate but with powdered sugar or syrup. That bit of family history is lost on the girl who then tells me that you can put "chips" (as in chocolate chips) in them. This morning I told her to ask Santa for it, sick Abby tantrum #2 for the day. Then we had to go through the second part of our morning routine which is when Abby tells me that she misses Jack. Today I was lucky enough to get crying tears and kicking on the floor and not only does she miss Jack today but she also wants her dad- Tantrum #3. Because I can't reschedule her swim lesson and I remember her dad telling me when I swam "you just have a cold get in the water" I take Abby to her swim lesson. She did remarkably well considering the big yellow booger I could see hanging out of her nose through almost the entire class. After swimming I rewarded her with a trip to "the tiny cart store"- Vons. Home safely with our groceries and without a tantrum, Abby prepared her own lunch- bread, sting cheese, and melon. After lunch, a lunch of only the melon, I informed the little mermaid with the deep dark circles under her eyes that it was time for a nap... Tantrum #4, 5, and 6. 20 minutes later I find her sitting in her basket of stuffed animals reading. I tell her get in bed- tantrum #7,8, 9, and maybe even 10. I am not giving up though. 10 minutes later I check her room again- no Abby!!! Where is she? Sleeping on the floor in a corner of the dining room. Sweet dreams! Very soon I will get to awake the sleeping giant and then I get to figure out what my afternoon will be like. Cross your fingers for me!


Nissa said...

Hah! That sounds like a day in our house, even when DD is not sick!

Rachel said...

The nap did us in because she didn't fall asleep last night until after 10 pm. Well days aren't that much better for us either. What can I say- my 3 year old runs the show here!