Sunday, September 28, 2008

ahhhhh- The NASCAR Nap

Some how a few years ago my husband and son fell in love with everything racing- soapbox derby, pinewood derby, AND Jimmie Johnson and NASCAR. Jimmie Johnson because he drives the Lowes car and the Lowes car is a winner. Steve and Jack love Lowes (Steve for the endless supply of what ever he decides on he can't live without on Saturday morning and Jack for the chips from the hot dog stand lady). I have a feeling ladies that Lowes is like Target for men, does that make more sense ladies? In the mind of a 3 year old competitive little boy Jack learned to associate the best car with his favorite place to buy chips for breakfast on a Saturday, you have to support that-right?
Being a woman I didn't understand the passion that my husband and son share for NASCAR. I mean I am the one that laughed at a coworker when she told me that she had three cats named Dale, Earnhardt, and Junior. Sometime last Spring I came around to the idea of being a NASCAR family. One rainy Sunday Steve and Jack curled up on the couch for an important race with 500 at the end of it's name. The next thing I knew Steve was sawing logs as the cars drive around and around in circles and Jack (nicknamed Mike TV) watches most of it without moving a muscle serving as the human heating blanket for his dad. I am not a very quick study, I watched the same phenomenon happen for 2 more Sundays before I questioned Steve about his Sunday activity. He laughed and said that he thought that I hadn't noticed. He explained to me that the best part of the race is the start and the finish, and with the miracle of DVR he could sleep through the middle and watch bits and pieces of the race in fast forward until the last 25 laps. I fell in love with NASCAR at that moment, a show that you don't have to watch but you sleep through guilt free!
Since that day in March I have been a regular follower of NASCAR and better yet a believer in the NASCAR nap. I have learned that NASCAR has the best commercials - better then Super Bowl Sunday. My current favorite is the Home Depot one with Tony Stewart and the 18 year old who will drive the Home Depot car next year. I have learned to love NASCAR so much I will proudly hang my Lowes NASCAR Christmas ornaments at the front of my tree this year! Talk about turn around, who would have ever thought! I may talk a good game but today as the car started to lull me to sleep I snuck off to my room for a nap spread out in my own bed- now that is love!
Oh and the results of today's race- Jimmie Johnson pulled out a win in the last lap! Congratulations Jimmie! Chips for everyone!

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