Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Life of a Tired Mom

My husband, Steve is the sweetest guy. Last Thursday night as we took our nightly dip in the hot tub, he was asking me what my girlfriends and I had planned to do for our big weekend in Vegas. I said "nothing", because nothing was exactly what we had planned. I like the idea of nothing but nothing would probably drive me crazy and it definitely made Steve nervous just talking about it (too much downtime drives Steve crazy). He gave me some advice that at first I laughed at "come home tired, don't come home rested, you can always catch up on sleep when you get home." What a sweet guy,right? First he worked hard all week, he gave me a bunch of spending money for my trip, he is taking care of the kids while I am gone, and then he tells me to not waste a minute of it. At the airport in Fresno I tell my friends what Steve had told me. They laughed, too. It took the 55 minute flight for the truth of what Steve said to sink in. When we disembarked the plane, Jennifer turned to Sara and I said "I want to go to the club at The Palms." It was if the sky opened and angels sang right there in the Sin City airport. "Great idea!!!" we cheered in unison! Long story shortened... we got maybe 7 hours sleep all weekend!
In the back of my head all weekend there was Rachel's mommy voice of reason, that choose to keep reminding me of the week ahead of me- carpets cleaned on Monday 8:30 am, swim lessons, swim practice, dance class, laundry, preschool, bus drop off and pick up, karate, the voice was relentless. Some how 20 year old Rachel was able to persevere and along with the techno thump of the club music drowning out Mommy Rachel. When I was 20 I was able to party all weekend (which included Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights out with my friends) and still find myself studying Sunday afternoon and evening and ready and sober for class on Monday. Add 13 years, a husband, 2 children, a busy calendar, and minus that one extra night lets just say I have struggled all week- bright and early Monday morning I started paying the price for attempting to be 20 year old me. I barely hung on through the afternoon, when I was finally able to catch a few z's on the couch with Abby. Tuesday night I got up and went to bed after watching only an hour of the Heroes premiere on DVR (I knew that Mrs. Petrelli was Sylar's mom). Yesterday in the hour between karate and swim practice I laid down on my bed and slept for 20 minutes before I grabbed the kids and ran out the door. Finally today I feel like myself again!
You maybe wondering if I would do this all again... ABSOLUTELY!!! I spent the weekend with 2 of the most fun, amazing, funny women I know! I would definitely do it again! I am so glad that for once I listened to my husband advice- Great guy! Great advice!

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Mama Lou said...

Dude! Can I get a spoiler alert! Jeez. I don't get to watch Heroes until the weekend when Kevin works!