Monday, May 24, 2010

When 10 years feels like 20...

It is something to be celebrated... Right? 10 years of marriage is a long time.

But Steve and I belong on the "Not so Good about Telling Each Other What We Really Want" List. Our Anniversaries have gone something like this.
Year 1 (Feels like Meter- 2)- Romantic dinner at Bass Lake and the purchase of our first DVD player and DVD "Braveheart", I vaguely remember falling asleep about 20 minutes in.
Year 2 (FLM- 4)- Newborn baby, Post-partum tears, Mom, Dad, AND baby go see Spider Man, Mom and baby lasted 55 minutes.
Year 5 (FLM 10)- Pregnant, hot, uncomfortable... quick night out to the movies to see... Episode 3... YES! a Star Wars movie for our anniversary.
Year 7 (FLM 14)- Totally surprise trip to New York City, tickets to Wicked, dinner at Nobu. AMAZING!
Year 8 (FLM 16)- Repeat performance to NYC! Romance is in the air! Burgers and beers at our favorite bar under the Brooklyn Bridge- it doesn't get better than that.
Year 9 (FLM 18)- Forgettable... because I can't remember what we did.
Year 10 (FLM 20)- No trips to Maui. No dinner plans. No babysitter. I am thinking about buying a Blu-ray player and Star Wars and Spiderman Boxsets... romantic right?
Like I said neither one of us is very good about saying exactly what we want.

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Mama Lou said...

You never know what Steve has up his sleeve. And it's not too late to book a trip to Maui!