Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Happened to April???

I cannot believe it is May 1st! Whatever happened to my favorite summer anticipation month? Why do I find myself not so "bloggy"? Here is the rundown of April 2010...
1. Cousins spent the night. Jack and Abby spent the night at the cousins.
2. Fresno couldn't decide if it was Spring, Summer, or WINTER! For every one day of beautiful weather we had no less than 3 days of wind, rain, and hail to follow.
3. Jack turned 8 with great style. 2 parties on 2 different days.
4. We saw Taylor Swift.
5. The kids swam.
6. Steve raced.
7. I worked.
8. Steve worked.
9. We won BIG (not really) money at Chuckchansi.
10. Our house was broken into.
11. The kids went to school.
12. The kids and I went to the new indoor swap meet.
13. I started my 3rd diet of 2010.
14. I "facebooked".
15. The kids and Steve went to see "How to Train A Dragon".
16. I worked on Junior League stuff.
17. Our brand-new, fresh out of the box computer came and promptly died. No pictures, what's the point in blogging.
18. We started the assault on the Kuhtz Snails 2010. I think the snails are winning.
19. We celebrated Keith Callahan's birthday.
20. The kids went to karate.
21. My sister, Lindsay announced that she and Kevin are expecting another baby in October.
WOW! quite the month! I guess I know why it went by so fast.

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