Thursday, May 27, 2010

Four eyed, brace face (part 2)...

Today is the big day! Jack is getting "Phase 1" of his braces put on. He has asked no less then 5000 question since he woke up. He is very excited to get his very own Kubo Super shirt (he needs to earn 5 more points before he can take one home, Mom was late to his appointment this morning).
Before... When Jack couldn't see the board in the classroom or read street signs.
Monday... Add 2 more eyes, he sees clearly now!
Thursday... Let's work on those teeth now!

He was so proud of his yellow and lime rubberbands this morning. By 3:30 this afternoon he was ready to have them taken off, so he could have the licorice that the PE tutors gave him. This is going to be a long year!

Congratulations to Jack! You are growing up so quick!

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