Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You say it is your birthday...

My mom turned 60 on Friday. She is not one to call attention to herself or require a party but definitely has felt neglected on several of her past birthdays. Not so in 2009! My sister and I (with the help of my brothers and the financial support of Dad) decided to throw her a party she would never forget. Two of my aunts, a great aunt, and my grandma decided to "drop in" Friday night for dinner to surprise her all the way from Concord, California, Colorado, Iowa, and Virgina. The reaction was priceless! (I have to have Steve work on the video- because it is priceless!!!). The surprises continued with the presentation of a Wii and Wii Fit for the birthday girl (something my brothers had told her at Christmastime she was too old for).
Any birthday is better when you have TWO parties! Saturday my siblings and I invited old family friends, church friends, work friends and Bridge buddies over for an Open House. We all had a fantastic time and enjoyed spending time together reminiscing about when we were kids (the best story was the one Aunt Sharon told about spanking my brother Ben on a road trip from Iowa to California the summer my mom broke her arm- I had the flashback to the backseat of the Ford station wagon) and of course playing games.
I don't think that my mom can complain about her birthday ever again (well at least not for another 12 months). Happy Birthday Mom!

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