Monday, February 16, 2009

Shot down...

I am a horrible pet owner (hence #13 on my 25 Random Things about Me). I love puppies but I am allergic to puppy spit. I like having a dog around but I don't always remember to feed them on time. I like to watch my dogs play with each other but I don't take the time to play with them. And I always forget until the last minute about getting someone to feed them when we go out of town. But who could turn away a face like this???
She came to live with us in July 2004. She loved to bark at people on canal. She killed squirrels and most recently a neighbor's chicken. She stole the kids Popsicles, hamburgers, and hot dogs. She liked to play fetch and run around like a crazy dog. She refused to be housebroken, so she was banished to the yard. She was smart and efficient, she could figure out that invisible fence was down or the batteries in her collar were dead in no time flat. She once snuck out of our yard and ate a 40 pound bag of dog food, it took a $600 emergency vet bill and some antacid for her to recover. She would eat fruit off the fruit trees and take vegetables out of my garden (it makes the lawn a disgusting mine field). She loved to sit in the sun with Max and watch the clouds roll by.

On Friday "Jack's Copper Pup" died, but she is in our hearts forever.

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Mama Lou said...

I haven't mustered the courage to tell Patrick yet. That dog was a character. We'll miss her.