Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pop! Pop! Pop!

I love popcorn! Actually it is my new favorite food. I love the salt and the crunch, it is the perfect afternoon snack. As a kid my mom would make popcorn for dinner every Sunday night. My family is not that enlightened to the benefits of eating popcorn and apples on Sunday nights, (trust me I have tried and tried again) so we have popcorn at least one afternoon a week and then again on the weekend.

Abby doing the I love popcorn dance. The problem with popcorn is thatI could eat a whole bowl by myself, but I don't get to. Once the kids hear the popper working its magic they come running. Which results in this...

A mess from another day, but still point made.

And this...Have I mentioned his nickname is "Mike TV".

I am not sure if I should be concerned about the mess or the blank vegetative state of my child. At least it is Thursday, homework is turned in, practice spelling test practiced, come on mom it is practically the weekend and the cleaning lady comes tomorrow (start popping!).

By the way, if you are looking for a great popcorn popper get the StirCrazy.

It is the best! Happy snacking!

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Mama Lou said...

The first rule of Popcorn Sunday Dinner is the turkey and mashed potatoes (dressing optional, AHEM) mid-day dinner. The second rule of Popcorn Sunday Dinner is apples. The third rule is if you want something more than popcorn and apples you have to get it yourself. Tonight I finally got smart and let the dogs in to clean up the popcorn mess.