Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Friends and Family 2009...

The hits and highlights of 2009 for the Kuhtzs (some blog worthy, others didn't make it):

9. Performance anxiety- NOT! Abby participated in her first dance recital in June. Our little hip-hopper busted a move all over the stage. I couldn't believe her and she is already excited about her next recital in June 2010! The girl has moves (check her out)!

8. AR Tests have become part of our daily discussion. Jack has fallen in love with reading. He isn't the best but he is motivated by one thing! CHARMS! I am proud to say that he is the only student in his class that has collected a charm every month for achieving the grade level reading goal. I am so proud! 7. Karate Kicks! Jack and Abby both continue to attend karate class. Jack recently achieved the rank of Blue Belt, which means that he is able to participate in advanced weaponry classes. Very exciting. Abby love karate too because she is the "upper belt" in her Pre-K class which means that she calls class to attention and demonstrates all the moves with Sensei Adam.

6. "Loser Island" is what we called the big blow up raft that Steve and I purchased on a whim at Costco in May. We spent many Sundays with the kids in the pool, relaxing on the adults-only barge. One or two "adult-only" beverages may or may not have been consumed on Loser Island.

5. RV'n. I never thought that I was one for camping but Steve convinced me that leasing an RV from some friends would be the best way to figure out if we would enjoy the experience as a family. See #3 for more on RV'n.

4. Back to work, back to reality for me. I made the big decision to get my Insurance License in September and 52 hours and a 3 hour test later I was approved by the State of California to sell insurance. I never thought that I would work for Steve but here I am doing it and actually enjoying it. The big question is will you ever go back to teaching and the answer is "NO WAY *" (*= not unless I absolutely have to).
3. Land of the lost. Our RV travelling took us to all kinds of hot spots like Fernley in Nevada, Buttonwillow, Millerton Lake, and Ambroy in California. Never heard of them don't worry neither had I and you aren't missing much. The theme to the locales is RACING, we don't go there if it doesn't involve RACING.


2. LeMons 2008- 2009 went like this. Christmas Day 2008 leave for race, lose because of a -1,500 lap penalty. My birthday, dirt, wind, friends, and FUN! I am hooked. August an amazing second place finish after our last driver flipped the car in the final lap (let me know if you would like me to send you the video). If you have the chance to join us at a race- PLEASE DO! As for racing in 2010, we have scheduled 2 LeMons races and Steve's Shelby Mustang will be one of the car participating the SpeedTV's newest Internet and television program, Forum Wars.

1. The BIG 4-OH! On December 15th, Steve turned 40, with little fanfare. Mostly because I was sick but also because we celebrated his half birthday in June complete with a pirate-themed pool party with many of our friends in attendance.

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Delisa said...

Love Abby's YouTube video!! Even Blake was dancing around as we watched it.