Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I pride myself on being honest about things, some may mistake it for brutal honesty- SORRY. But the none the less I am honest. I come by it honestly... if you know my mother she says what is on her mind 99% of the time (pun intended).

Here is what I look like in the morning. Sexy isn't it?

I like to believe that I have a moderate improvement in my looks at some point during the day when I decide to shower, dress, and put makeup on. This is a very bad hair morning, but a product of an awesome night of sleep.

48 of my Facebook Friends think that this  picture post this morning was likable and 23 thought that it was comment worthy.

This is me. No excuses! Honestly...

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The Haydens... said...

And we LOVE brutally honest and beautiful you!! ;-)