Monday, July 25, 2011

My Worst Fears...

1. Drowning. I consider myself a highly trained professional swimmer. While I am not on the level of Michael Phelps or Janet Evans, it is highly unlikely that I will be in a situation that would cause me to die from drowning. Even so I am deathly afraid of drowning.

2. Having my butt featured on a nightly news feature about obesity in America. You know the video footage I am talking about people walking down the street with a street vendor hot dog in one hand and a King sized Snickers bar in the other, which usually is only shot from mid shoulder to upper butt range or if the camera guy is especially vicious it include a partial profile with neck rolls. Lately I have not watched the news, please don't tell me if you see me.

3. Cheerleaders. hey! Some people are afraid of clowns or snakes. Me just "harmless" cheerleaders and mice.

Addendum to 3-  A Cheerleader in my house... I fought tooth and nail to prevent this from happening and against my better judgement it has happened. Last week Abby started cheerleading two nights a week. She loves it!

Addendum to the Addendum 3- Cheer Moms- is there anyone woman who is more annoying then the woman who was once a cheerleader and who is now a cheer mom? Oh yes! The woman who was never a cheerleader who is now living all her childhood hopes and dreams through her child.

4. My child being a brat. I would like to say that my kids while I like to complain about their behavior are fairly well behaved nice people. Sometimes you get a glimpse of what your kid has the potential to be and it is not pretty. Case in point-
Today in the car (while waiting for cheer to start, in an attempt to avoid the crowd of cheer moms), Abby pointed out the car window at a little girl going into the building and said "Mom, that girl is not in my cheer group." "Oh really, how do you know that Abby?" I said unsure of why this was even coming up. "Because Mom! We don't have any fat girls in our group." Stunned, mortified, embarrassed- the list could go on and on. "Well Abby, I don't think that that is a very nice thing to say and that would really hurt that girls feelings if she heard you say such a mean thing." Without missing a beat Abby retorted "Well Mom sometimes people look different and that is OK, we should talk about it." Hmmm!
Emotions are still mixed over this one. I hope that my kids would accept everyone for who they are and not what they are, I guess I am in need of a little lesson myself. I will have to open my mind to mice, start working out more, and cheerleaders (and yes, cheer moms) but you can forget it when it comes to drowning- on that I am not budging!

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